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​Are All Lift Chairs the Same?

Posted by Choice Mobility on

Lift chairs are very important in the lives of those who have trouble rising from a seated position. While they might be able to get out of a traditional chair with considerable effort, lift chairs help get them on their feet and prevent falls. This is an excellent option for those with leg and hip problems, as well as those who might suffer from dizziness as they try to get up.

At Choice Mobility we have over 40 different varieties in lift chairs to choose from, and as you look through them we’re sure you can find on that will meet your needs and your price point. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences among our many lift chairs


They All Plug In

This one might be obvious, but it’s a good reminder that you’ll be dealing with a cord when you receive your new lift chair. The pictures you’ll see hide the cords very well, but remember that having your chair out in the middle of the room might not be an option. As you rearrange your room getting ready for your new chair, don’t forget that you’ll have to have a plug nearby.

They All Lift

Another obvious one, but why not say it? There are many variations in our lift chairs which you’ll read about below, but one thing they all have in common is that they lift you from a seated position as they move you into a standing position. Unless you choose otherwise, each chair will stay in that standing position until you return.

They All Recline and Support the Feet

When our chart says 2-position, it’s actually better than it sounds. The normal “chair” position isn’t counted as a position, so the two additional positions you get are lifting and reclining. All of our lift chairs recline slightly at the back as the feet are lifted with the ottoman.


The Number of Positions

How many positions your chair can attain is one of the biggest factors you’ll have to consider. The two-position chairs attain the three positions we mentioned above, while 3-position chairs add napping to their abilities. The Infinite model added two more positions, including relaxing and sleeping, while the Zero Gravity models offer even more positions as noted in the chart below.

The Weight Lifting Ability

We understand that some people have trouble getting into a standing position because of excess weight. That’s why we carry bariatric lift chairs that are capable of lifting up to 600 pounds comfortably.


We want to make sure that your new lift chair fits as seamlessly as possible into the decor of your room. That’s why we allow you to pick the fabric that comes on your new chair. Depending on the model, you might have up to 50 fabrics to choose from!

Side Pocket

It might seem like a little addition, but you’ll be surprised as how much you’ll use the side pocket of these lifting chairs. Most of our lift chairs (but not all) come with a side pocket that is great for magazine, remote controls, and the lifting control mechanism itself.

As of this writing we have 46 lift chairs to choose from. We’re sure you can find that perfect lift chair for you to make your life easier!