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​Different Types of Mobility Aids

Posted by Choice Mobility on

There’s a good reason that the word “mobility” is in the name of our company. We love helping seniors and those with difficulty moving get around, and that’s why we’ve amassed some of the best (and very affordable) mobility aids in the country. Let’s take a look at the variety of scooters and wheelchairs that Choice Mobility has to offer.


We all know what motorized scooters are. They help people with mobility problems get around, and, most important, get around on their own. While they might need help getting the scooter into a vehicle (a vehicle lift can help with that), the person in a scooter has his or her freedom while they are out and about.

We have a great selection of mobility scooters in a variety of sizes. Some are three wheelers, others have four wheels. Some are for occasional use, others are great for everyday use. Take your time and find that perfect motorized scooter for your life!

Manual Wheelchairs

When most people think about manual wheelchairs, they think about a simple folding wheelchair that might be seen sitting around the hallways of a hospital. Sure, we have those, but we also have a variety that can be used at home, in nursing homes, and those that have specific purposes.

  • Lightweight Wheelchairs - Lightweight wheelchairs are a great option for those who are often heading out and about and don't want to deal with the weight of a scooter. They are excellent options for moving around the house, as well as folding up and heading to the mall or park.
  • Heavy Duty Wheelchairs - Heavy duty wheelchairs are usually reserved for hospitals and nursing homes that are dealing with bariatric patients. These chairs are wider than the average wheelchair and are specially reinforced in order to carry 700 pounds or more.
  • Reclining Wheelchairs - Wheelchairs often require a patient to support his or her own head, but if a patient can’t, a reclining wheelchair might be the answer. These wheelchairs have support for the head and also allow the back to recline, making the person seated able to sleep more easily without having to exit the chair.

Motorized Wheelchairs

While scooters are often used when outside the home, power wheelchairs are usually used at all times. That’s why they have to be as comfortable as possible, be absolutely reliable, and be as maneuverable as possible in the tight spaces around a house. Because they see so much use, you also want the battery to last as long as possible.

At Choice Mobility, we could have brought together a few motorized wheelchairs and called it a day. But we know that everyone who requires one has different needs, and that’s why we have over 25 options to choose from. Need one that resembles a traditional wheelchair? We have those, as well as ones that maintain their maneuverability with additional wheels and tipover prevention. We also have ones that lift so that the user can raise up to be at eye level with those around them who are standing.

No matter what type of mobility aid you’re looking for, Choice Mobility has what you’re looking for. Click those links above and find the perfect fit for you!