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​The Most Vital Bathroom Safety Equipment

Posted by Choice Mobility on

As we discussed in this article, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in the home. After all, the bathroom is one of the most common places in the house to have wet floors, and it also has a number of tripping hazards such as toilet mats and bath mats. Add the fact that it’s a tight space that forces people to move in odd ways and you have a recipe for disaster for the elderly or those with disabilities.

We want to help you make the bathroom as safe as possible, and that’s why we carry some of the best home care products for bathroom safety. Let’s take a look at some handicap accessories that no one in need should be without.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are one of the simplest yet most important pieces of safety equipment that can be added to a bathroom. They not only help people stand up and sit down, but they can prevent serious injury if a person starts to fall. Even if a person has weak arms, a grab bar can help. After all, something that gives support is better than having no support at all.

It’s always better to have more grab bars than fewer. Place one in the bath, one just outside the bath (to help while they step over the lip of the tub), and one or two near the toilet.

Shower Chair

When you’re young, bath time can be playtime; it’s like having your own swimming pool! For parents, bath time can be time to relax away from the worries of the world. But for the elderly, a bath means getting down into an awkward position that might be extremely difficult to get up from.

It’s no wonder that most people who have trouble getting up from the floor choose to go with a shower chair instead of taking a bath. A shower chair allows them to get up from a much easier position (especially when combined with the grab bars mentioned above). These can be simple benches with adjustable legs or complete chairs with backs and armrests.

Let’s not forget about standing endurance, either. Standing in a shower for 10 minutes can be difficult for some people, even if they’re able to stand on their own for shorter periods of time. Others with back problems might be able to walk around on their own but find it difficult to stand in one spot for more than minute. Shower seats can change all of that for them.

Elevated Toilet Seats

Getting up from a low toilet seat can be difficult, even with grab bars. Elevated toilet seats can be an excellent solution, because they ensure that the person doesn’t have to get so low in the first place.There are many varieties, depending on the needs of the elderly person and those whom they are living with. For instance, there are hinged versions so that the seat can be easily moved out of the way to accommodate other people in the house. There are also models that have their own arms that work as additional grab handles. Simply click that link above and we bet we have what you need.

Like we said, bathrooms can be dangerous, and that’s why it’s so important to have the right bathroom safety accessories. Find a complete list of what we offer in bathroom home care products right here.