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​What Are the Most Useful Wheelchair Accessories?

Posted by Choice Mobility on

Many people avoid the transition to a wheelchair for a long as possible. After all, it can be a huge hit to a person’s ego when they’re no longer able to get themselves around as easily as before. But once they get in their chair and find out what they’re actually able to get around with more ease, many of them really take the idea of having their own set of wheels.

With this new form of mobility come other advantages as well. Their new vehicle can become a chariot, customized with wheelchair accessories that are helpful and those that increase safety. Let’s take a look at some of the best wheelchair accessories we offer


When you look at the early versions of wheelchairs, the large wheels were in front and the small ones were in back. While that certainly prevented them from tipping backwards, it meant that wheelchair users were more likely to tip forward!

Now that wheelchair wheels are on the back, you need a good way to ensure you won’t end up on you back. If your new wheelchair didn’t come with anti-tippers, these are some of the first wheelchair accessories you should invest in. Even if your chair did come with anti tippers, you might want to upgrades to some that are nicer or better meet your needs. For instance, you might have once with bumpers but would rather have one with wheels (a great idea if you do like popping a wheelie or doing tricks now and then!) Some are adjustable so that you can decide exactly how far back you’re going to tip before your fall is arrested. It’s your wheelchair, so make it do what you want it to!

Wheelchair Seat Cushions

One of the biggest adjustments you’ll likely have to get used to when you start making extensive use of a wheelchair is the amount of sitting you’ll be doing. While a bare wheelchair seat might be okay for short trips, a dedicated seat cushion is a must if you’re going to be spending any measureable time sitting in the chair.

Choice Mobility carries over 15 different seat cushions, many of them gel or foam cushions so that time in the wheelchair feels a lot better on both the buttocks and the spine, which also helps the shoulders feel better. And speaking of the spine...

Back Cushions

Much like seat cushions, wheelchair back cushions are incredibly important the longer you spend in the chair, whether you’re mobile or simply reading a book. These offer excellent lumbar support so that your posture is kept in a more comfortable, healthy position.

If the back support isn’t giving you enough options, we also carry adjustable tension back cushions so that you can decide just how much give there is when you sit down in the chair.


The wheelchair is a vehicle, so why not make it do as much work as it possibly can? With the wheelchair organizers, you’ll be able to take things with you, like books, magazines, wallets, medications, and so much more. Hey, stick the remote control in there and always have control of the television!

New Wheels

If you get really good with moving your own wheelchair around, you’re going to quickly find that the standard wheelchair wheels are pretty...standard. With this Super Hemi wheel kit from Drive, you’ll be able to take control of your chair like never before, moving faster and taking turns more efficiently. Let your chair free you!

Here at Choice Mobility, we want to make your time a wheelchair as safe, comfortable, and, yes, fun as possible. Check out all of our wheelchair accessories right here!