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​Where To Wear The Uni-flo2 Cannula

Posted by Choice Mobility on

In our previous article we told you all about the amazing benefits of the Uni-flo2 cannula. This cannula is made from only a single tube instead of two while still delivering the exact same amount of air as a traditional cannula. For most people the biggest benefit is that it looks better than every other cannula out there. Not only that, but because it only touches half of your face on any given day, it rubs against only half the amount of skin from traditional cannulas. It’s also half the weight, and the memory stabilization system means that that it contours to the face better than any other breathing assist tube out there.

So, this cannula is obviously more comfortable, and it looks better to boot! But it’s not just comfortable in a “sitting around the house” sort of way. Let’s take a look at how this home care product can make your life even more active.


Playing a sport when you’re in need of supplemental oxygen is a catch-22. While the activity makes you need oxygen even more than ever, there’s no time when you’d rather be without your tubes than when you’re playing sports!

While you might not win any Olympic events when wearing this cannula, the Uni-flo2 can certainly free you up to move much more than you can with a regular cannula. First off all, it’s much easier to move the tube to the back, considering that you’re only dealing with one tube that doesn’t require being in the front after it hangs from the ear. This can free the wearer up for light games of golf, tennis, fishing, or yoga. It’s nice to have fewer tubes to deal with in any activity where you have to use your arms.

Be Less Self-Conscious At Parties

There’s no shame in wearing a cannula, but people who wear the Uni-Flo2 get the added benefit of being able to hide it better than those with a traditional cannula. It’s simply not as obvious as the regular tubes. Even better, you can position yourself at a party so that most candid photos only show the side of your face without the cannula!

Garden Without Snagging

One major problem with traditional cannulas is that they are a closed loop, meaning that they are more likely to get caught during activities. When you’re gardening, it flops forward and can get caught on a branch, meaning that it yanks against your ears and gets rammed into your nose whenever you pull back.

The single-tube of the Uni-flo2 doesn’t come away from your chest every time you lean forward, so it’s less likely to get caught when you're gardening or participating in the sports that we mentioned above.

Wear It To Bed

We mentioned this in the previous blog, but it bears repeating. Wearing a Uni-flo2 to bed is so much more comfortable than a regular cannula. Because it’s not a closed loop, you don’t have to worry about it noosing around your neck. If you’re a side-sleeper, you also don’t have to worry about the tube being uncomfortably folded under your ear all night; just put it behind the opposite ear!

Once you use a Uni-flo2 cannula, it’s unlikely that a regular one will ever suffice. Check out this amazing home care product today!